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Hi and a very warm welcome to my blog!

I’m Tescha Chetty, a lifestyle writer, recipe developer, photographer and photo stylist based in Cape Town, South Africa.

A Boho at heart, I believe true beauty comes from within, and that loving yourself for who you are – and learning to live and let live – are priceless qualities that will make the world a better place for everyone.


Before the birth of Tescha’s Blog, I worked in the exciting, deadline-driven world of retail. Building brands from initial concept stage through to final packaging design.

I also did a stint in publishing production on Cosmopolitan, House & Leisure, Marie Claire and Oprah magazines.

Last but not least, Winning a cooking competition in 2015 (hosted by our very own South African Food Network Celebrity Chef, Jenny Morris) boosted my culinary confidence, and my passion for creativity in the kitchen has never stopped. My love for cooking is matched by that for travel, and in 2013, I was privileged to win an all-expenses-paid, 5-star holiday birthday competition, travelling to London with the TV crew from South Africa’s ’Top Billing’ lifestyle show. (I flew Virgin Atlantic Upper Class Suite and stayed at the Mandarin Hotel in Hyde Park, London … an unbelievable dream come true!) This whetted my appetite for culinary creativity, as well as my desire to see what’s out there in terms of different cultural traditions, not to mention what’s on people’s plates!


Food and travel have since become my obsessions on an exciting, fun-filled  (sometimes challenging) personal journey, and living in one of the most beautiful, vibrant, multicultural places in the world enables me to indulge in these twin passions at leisure, starting on my very own doorstep in the Western Cape!

Please watch this space for some entertaining and uplifting food and travel stories. I really look forward to sharing my experiences with you.