Setting weekly goals for personal growth

Setting weekly goals for personal growth

I’ve decided to set weekly goals (going to try my darnest to stick to it) to help me stay focused, mindful and the ability to complete tasks. I’m setting little goals that I am able to accomplish every week. I’ve totally fallen off the ban wagon with my consistency, resulting in me always busy with a whole lot of nothing, eating bad carbs and not going to gym. These weekly goals will ensure I challenge myself to be consistent again. It’s a way to figure out what’s important on my daily to do list and also to keep me sane.

Setting weekly goals are ways to renew the mind and create healthy habits, physically, mentally and emotionally. Its always being on my to do list and thoughts to actually start writing down my weekly goals,  but my mind as usual is all over the place and I just felt I had no time.

 Ive written 7 goals below to help me better understand what’s actually important to me, to do regularly so that I may maintain my balance in order for me to be effective and perform to the best of my ability

This week’s goals are as follows!

1. Meditate every morning. Pray, Be still, Relax the mind, Give thanks.

2. Get up when my alarm goes off and not hit the snooze button

3. Stay off line after 8pm.

4. Read something of interest every day. At least 10-20 pages a day

5. Gym no less than 3 times a week and join the park runs every Saturday morning.

6. Be mindful of my eating habits. You are what you eat!7. Choosing a day in the week to not go on social media. I’m choosing a Sunday as day of test

Have a great week all. A week filled with opportunities, abundance and blessings.

PS: do let me if you’ve started setting weekly goals too or comment with some weekly goal ideas

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