Change your thoughts and you change your world


It’s been a challenging few weeks for me.  Not only has work been hectically busy, but I am also studying for exams, and this, combined with family matters, has proven to be extremely stressful. It’s really been a bit of a whirlwind for me, with far too many 5:30 a.m. mornings.  I know that I need to sit down and plan days more effectively, but I also have a lot of existing commitments that can’t be changed, and which I love.

I attended a food talk event hosted by Rawlicious a few weeks ago, the brainchild of South African raw food chefs Peter and Beryn Daniel. It was simply amazing. They spoke about positivity, good food, and howto live a well-balanced, productive life. The talk made me realise that the only way to get through stressful periods like this is to adopt a really positive attitude. I left the event feeling alive, recharged and ready to get back on track, so I thought the following quote would be perfect for this week

“Change your thoughts and you change your world”. Norman Vincent Peale

Thinking positive, changing my attitude and doing the best in everything I am doing makes a big difference. My deadlines have not changed and the weeks ahead will still prove demanding, but I am able to get through myday in a much happier and productive way. You are in control of your thoughts and if you focus on the positive and change the way you think amidst the noise of life, the world around you will change too.

Have a fabulous week and be mindful that, while you may not always be able to change a situation that you don’t like, you can find positive ways to approach it that will certainly help you through your day.

Lots of love


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